Swimming With The Whale

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SWIMMING WITH THE WHALE ~ Miracles, Wonders & Healings with Daskalos and the Researchers of Truth by Daniel Joseph is a spiritual journey into the mystical teachings and practices of Daskalos and the Researchers of Truth.


Chapter One: A Seven Year Old Master & The 2000 Year Old Lineage of the Researchers of Truth
Chapter Two A System for the Research of Truth 
Chapter Three: A Day in the Life of Daskalos 
Chapter Four: Take Aim 
Chapter Five: Seven Levels of Consciousness 
Chapter Six: Everything Is Mind 
Chapter Seven: Three Worlds of Existence 
Chapter Eight: Three Vehicles of the Soul 
Chapter Nine: The Seven Heavens 
Chapter Ten: Human Angels ~ Human Devils 
Chapter Eleven: Brick by Brick 
Chapter Twelve: I Laugh When I Hear the Fish Is Thirsty 
Chapter Thirteen: The Pulse of Life 
Chapter Fourteen: The Voice of an Angel 
Chapter Fifteen: The Kiss of an Archangel 
Chapter Sixteen: Across Time and Space 
Chapter Seventeen: Life in the Higher Worlds 
Chapter Eighteen What Changes Is Not Real 
Chapter Nineteen: Possibilities, Probabilities & the Plan 
Chapter Twenty: Your Brother Lives Again 
Chapter Twenty One: Ascending the Ladder of Relative Truth 
Chapter Twenty-Two: The Truth About Myths 
Chapter Twenty-Three: The Dead and the Sleeping 
Chapter Twenty-Four: Divine Love ~ Human Love 
Chapter Twenty-Five: Initiation & Protection 
Epilogue: The Great Sun

Glossary: Term


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